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china: online portals/magazines

Timezone 8
t i m e z o n e 8 is a Hong Kong based publisher and distributor of books on urban art and culture in Asia.

Yishu aims to provide an authoritative forum for dialogue and debate around the visual and literary forms being produced within an expanded understanding of Chinese contemporary art.

That’s Magazines
That's Magazine is a free English-language magazine distributed in big cities in China that gives monthly information on life in the city. It contains a complete listing of bars, restaurants, happenings and cultural events.

art institutions china


CAAW concentrates on experimental art from China, and initiates and facilitates exhibitions and other forms of introductions inside and outside China.

Long March Foundation, USA
Established in 2000, The Long March Foundation is a non-profit public foundation based in New York City. Its goal is to advance Chinese contemporary art through innovative programming based on inter-cultural exchange. Although the focus is the development of Chinese contemporary art, they believe that cross-cultural dialogue is critical to both Chinese and Western art practice.

Courtyard Gallery
Courtyard Gallery, situated by the moat of the Forbidden City in Beijing, represents many of China's better known avant-garde artists currently working in China and abroad. The site includes images of the works by the gallery's artists and archival information about the artists.

Mustard Seed Garden, China
An art space located on the outskirts of Beijing, which focuses on experimental contemporary artists.

Beijing International Art Biennale, China


BizArt, China
Based in Shanghai, BizArt puts on exhibitions of mixed-media, sculpture, video, installation, performance and photography works. BizArt collaborates with guest curators and a large group of artists from all over China.

ddm warehouse, China
Established in 2000, ddm warehouse promotes and collects contemporary art. Locating in a 1000 square meter warehouse, 650 squares are mainly for holding exhibitions.

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Opened in november 2003: first museum of contemporary art in China.

Eastlink, although a late-comer to Shanghai, is fast securing an important position in the city's art scene. The private gallery represents artists from all over China, and often organises exhibitions of works by these artists, as well as works not in the gallery's collection. Its new premises in a converted warehouse by Suzhou Creek is in itself worth a visit.

Aura Art Gallery
Contemporary art gallery representing a group of young artists: paintings, prints, photographs, videos and installations.

First gallery for contemporary art in Shanghai. The website includes extensive information on Chinese art: exhibitions, artists (numerous, includes images, biographies and texts), projects, editions, about (essays and links).

Contemporary Chinese art, focused on middle-aged and young artists. Established in 1998 by Zhao Jianping.

Shanghai Art Museum, China
Host to the Shanghai Biennale, the museum is one of the few museums in China to put on a range of contemporary art exhibitions.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
The website for the Hong Kong Arts Centre, which promotes contemporary art through its extensive programme of visual arts, film and performing arts.

Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong
Para/Site was founded by seven artists in 1996 as a response to the limitation of conventional exhibition space in Hong Kong. Para/Site promotes Hong Kong and international artists, as well as, organize activities including forums, seminars and publications.

Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
Based in Hong Kong, this is the first gallery in the world to focus on contemporary art from the mainland, this site features works by artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland.

1a Space, Hong Kong
1aSpace was founded by a collective of Hong Kong art workers in 1998. Its aim is to promote the critical dissemination of contemporary visual arts practices and affiliated art forms through the 1a program of works drawn from Hong Kong and the international area.

Asia Art Archive
very extented list of links:
Initiated in 2000 as a direct response to the increasing number of Asian contemporary art exhibitions and events world-wide, the Asia Art Archive (AAA) is the first ever non-profit research centre in Hong Kong dedicated to documenting the recent history of visual art from the region within an international context.

The Hong Kong Art Archive
The Hong Kong Art Archive has been founded with the aim of promoting awareness and study of Hong Kong artistic achievement on a worldwide basis. HKAA hopes to provide students, academic researchers, curators, critics, artists and all other interested parties with both electronic and physical resources to aid study and appreciation of Hong Kong Art, with a particular focus on the work of living artists.

Fringe Club, Hong Kong
Incorporated in 1982, the Fringe has turned an old landmark building in Hong Kong into an active contemporary art and performing space., Hong Kong
An exhibition space within a cafe provides an alternative place for local Hong Kong artists.

Videotage, Hong Kong
Founded in 1985, Videotage is an interdisciplinary artist collective that focuses on the development of new media in Hong Kong. Videotage is dedicated to the production, development and study of film, video, and other alternative time-based media arts.
CCG is a non-profit web exhibition space supporting contemporary artists in Hong Kong working in the visual arts.


CEAC - Chinese European Art Center, China
In November 1999 the Chinese European Art Center was formally founded as a joint venture with the Xiamen University Art College. The foundation was initiated by Mrs. Ineke Gudmundsson from the Netherlands with the co-operation of Prof. Qin Jian. Many exhibitions of well known European artists are on the program and the Center invites those artists to visit China and give lectures at the University. At the same time, Chinese artists are invited to show their work at the gallery of the Center.

"mini-guide" to Seoul contemporary art
Written by Joan Kee on Artnet magazine

SSAMZIE Space, Korea
SSamzie Space includes galleries and art studios. The archive of SSamzie Space, is provided with art books, journals, catalogues, videos, and artist portfolios.
Comprehensive and informative online guide to programmes, galleries, publications and exhibitions relating art from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

institutions in the Netherlands:

Gate Foundation
The Gate Foundation [1988] is a non-profit institute, which stimulates the intercultural exchange of modern and contemporary visual art from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania, through an Information Center and the organization of projects such as exhibitions, lectures, artist presentations, symposiums, and conferences.

The mission of Canvas International Art is to present young artists from Asia, Latin America and Australia by curating exhibitions, publishing books and articles and organising projects.